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High Tech Construction reaches new heights in
Rhode Island construction industry

Central Falls Prime General Contractor Celebrates 20 Years of Growth

Central Falls, Rhode Island - Joe Dalomba came to Pawtucket with a fractured leg, no English speaking skills and not a nickel in his pocket. His journey to Rhode Island was from Senegal, West Africa, by way of China, Israel, Egypt and Romania when he worked as a crew hand for a merchant marine company. He was only a teenager when he walked the gang plank of that vessel that took him around the world. By 20, he was in Rhode Island, navigating his way around his new country and a different culture.

This year, Dalomba, of Central Falls, celebrates over 20 years as a successful business owner in Rhode Island. In fact, with $5M in bonds to insure his work, he is considered the largest Rhode Island-based, certified minority General Contractor in the Ocean State, according to the Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise Office. By the sweat of his brow, Dalomba built the business - literally - with his hands and his back. With shear determination and a vision for what life could be, he scratching together money to start construction jobs as a one-man operation in the mid-1980s. By 1987, High Tech Construction, Inc. was born.

Today, Dalomba, and his well earned multi-million dollar bond makes him a prime general contractor in the industry - a goal he set out to achieve two decades ago. And the growth has just begun!
"Twenty years is a long time," said Dalomba. "I'm proud of my accomplishments as a business owner. But, I'm more proud of the quality of the work that I have done. When you build something well, that people can use and enjoy, it just makes sense to me."

Others agree: "Joe and his crew from High Tech Construction were a pleasure to do business with,
said Rhonda Hiltz, who oversaw the new construction facilities for Storage America, Inc. "From start to finish, High Tech demonstrated the professional competency and capability to deliver the kind of quality construction we expected for this $3.8M project! Joe's commitment to excellence was exceptional. He was always there when we needed him or had questions."

Award-winning architect, David Presbrey had this to say about working with Dalomba and High Tech Construction, Inc.: "We have just completed two construction projects working with High Tech Construction. One project was a new housing development called Blackstone on the South Side, the other was a fire station, renovations and addition for the Union Fire District. We were very pleased with the results of both jobs. Joe Dalomba is cooperative, easy to work with, and is very helpful in solving construction problems as they come up. We look forward to working with High Tech Construction in the future on other challenging projects."

Dalomba's recent projects include million dollar homes in Smithfield, a $3.8M industrial project in Pawtucket/Lincoln (Storage America, Inc.), and he recently completed a $650,000 renovation project to a public safety building in South Kingstown (Snug Harbor Volunteer Fire Station). Presently, he is the general contractor for a $640,000 project in Providence (Aids Care Ocean State Housing), a $1.6M new construction project - Blackstone III - also in Providence, and other projects. Perhaps it was his grandfather, Captain "Long" John Dalomba, who gave his grandson his sea legs at 15-years-old and his sense of direction as an adult. Captain John was born sometime in the early 1880s and sailed on the "old ocean" for much of his life. It was on a trip to Cape Verde when he met his wife, who would become Joe's grandmother and hence, give birth to Joe's mother. Dalomba's mother and younger brother first arrived in New England in 1974. Dalomba came later, following that teenage ocean adventure. He's never looked back.

It takes stamina to overcome the challenges in Dalomba's early life; build a successful business from the ground up, and ultimately gain recognition from colleagues for consistent excellence. He never gave up and he never gave in; he just keeps on working hard. As the president of High Tech Construction, he holds his own feet to the fire! The company continues to grow and is currently undertaking a business development and marketing strategic review and implementation plan for the future and has launched a new website, www.hightechconstructinginc.com as part of the execution.
He was named Rhode Island minority small business person of the year in 1998 by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Since then, he has gone from $100,000 projects to multi-million dollar jobs in commercial, industrial and residential areas. And he's expanding his horizon as a business leader in Rhode Island; Dalomba and a partner have plans to open a sushi restaurant on the East Side of Providence this year. Ask Dalomba what the future holds, and he'll tell you: "The sky's the limit!"


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